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Homes Eyewear are made in Detroit from the city’s deconstructed housing stock. This city has roughly 70,000 abandoned homes still standing, and within those contain plenty of usuable materials, literally lying around, waiting for a breath of new life.

Founded in 2012, Homes are made at their headquarters in Eastern Market, Detroit. The 60 step, labor-intensive process blends CNC technology, hand-craftsmanship and proven woodworking techniques to create a beautiful and all around sustainable pair of sunglasses.

The materials extraction process takes a lot of work in and of itself, before it even hits the Homes Shop. Once harvested and catalogued, the wood is processed to remove nails, paint, char and other debris. The boards are hand picked by Homes at Reclaim Detroit, and are hand cut into wood veneers, which are then transformed into the frames offered today.

The boards selected at Reclaim Detroit vary in species and age, most of which were old-growth wood, harvested during the logging boom of the 1800 and 1900s. While homes, both in the early 1900s as well as present day, are constructed using mostly softwoods (white pine, douglas fir), many do contain hardwoods, which are ideal for use in frame building. Your frames’ finish will vary with grain character and color, as well as the life of the home they come from, and how they’ve weathered the years of use and/or neglect. No two pairs of Homes Sunglasses are exactly alike. Each handmade pair is however subject to the same rigorous quality inspection, ensuring your sunglasses were made with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Purchase the Kercheval Frame (above) and any other style that Homes has to offer at their site here.



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