Photo cred:    Tyler Hill

Photo cred: Tyler Hill

So I REALLY fucking hate Ohio. A lot. However, these dudes (LAKOTA DE KAI) are outta Kent, OH and holy shit do they rule. Their newest release, Big Dad Wolf, is incredibly complete.  It'll thrash your brains out, and then let you feel safe just long enough before you break your neck trying to keep time with the break down. The vocals are raw and incredible. Every time their front man starts to remind you of someone, he changes personality just in time for you to forget. Don't get me wrong though- his sound is very much his own, despite the multiple personality disorder. The rhythm section is tight and rolls with the incredible dynamic punches. The guitar work is also on point. Incredible instrumentation all around. Did I mention that the vocals are fucking phenomenal?

Check the YouTube vid below to hear my favorite jam, "Spliff". Or just save yourself the time and download the whole fucking album on bandcamp. You won't miss the money you spend(only 7 bones!)- hell, you might wanna buy it twice just out of principle. 

Beautiful. They play out here every so often, too. I'm absolutely gonna go see this shit live ASAP.  Cheers to the only thing I like in Ohio that isn't waffle house(I fucking love waffles).


For fans of: Every Time I Die, Pianos Become the Teeth, Listener, La Dispute

Favorite Tracks: Spliff(see YouTube video above), Leslie Americus

Thanks for scopin' these dudes out! Keep it fuggin Vile, dudes and dudettes!


-XOXO Toph