Amme B's is a clothing, accessories, and lingerie shop run through Storenvy and Etsy, based out of Southern California/Denver, and owned by Miss Amme B herself! A good portion of her products are handmade, and you can even do custom orders to Amme B's! They have a ton of the strappy, harness looking pieces, that are huge right now, in lingerie design.

The dainty florals, crossed with the strappy harness silhouette really make Amme B's stand out for sure. I know personally, whenever I wear any kind of lingerie that is even remotely similar to this, I feel like I can take over the entire world. 

Amme B's has been seen on people such as Youtube blogger Leda Muir (Instagram: @TheLedaBunny), countless Suicide Girls such as Peggy Sue Suicide (@peggysue_suicide), and Arwen Suicide (@dametualma) and tons more!  

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.34.19 PM.png

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