Gose. You already said it wrong. Pronounced Go-zuh, this style of beer, originating from German, is a refreshingly tart, wheat beer. Much like your typical berliner weisse except one extra ingredient. Salt water. Weird? Yup. Delicious? Absolutely. The style is old as shit, dating back to before the 1900's, gose's are slowly (but thankfully) coming back as craft brewers look to keep pushing the envelope. Very few American breweries do this style but Anderson Valley said they were going to do it year-round. Then they said they were going to can it. Thus your new favorite summer thirst quencher was born. Lightly acidic, lemony tartness, easy on the wheat malt. This beer is super drinkable. Even at 4.2%abv the flavor has you coming back for more. It's like if Mike's hard lemonade wasn't complete dog shit. This style and beer for me, is as refreshing as it gets.  Pair one of these with the other 5 in the sixer you pick up. Sold where finer beers are carried. Seriously, just go buy this beer. Cheers!

Rate Beer: 92

Beer Advocate: 87

My Score: 90