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August has come and gone already. Everyone's going back to school, and fall is dawning upon us slowly. I love watching these kinds of videos on YouTube from all of my favorite YouTubers, so I thought it would be cute to start a sub-segment here on WCW about my favorites of the month! Basically, this is going to be a post going through a few of the things that I've been obsessing over, throughout the month of August in the categories of beauty, fashion, music, Instagram pages, and other random things I've been loving! Let's get right into it!

Beauty :

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Silk Creme Foundation:


So I've been looking for a new foundation for a few months now, because my skin has been changing so much recently with the weather and season! More recently, my skin has been pretty oily, and problematic. Before discovering this new holy grail foundation, I've been using MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, and a Sephora Brand foundation. All of them are fine foundations, but not for me. Personally, I don't have the best skin, and I have lots of acne scarring, and I tend to break out a lot, especially because of my restaurant job. Because of these things, I like a full coverage foundation. I was shown this Laura Mercier foundation by the amazing girl at Sephora who worked there, and always knows what she's talking about. She gave me a sample, and used on me, and I fell in love. She applied it with a Beauty Blender (more on that later) and it basically transformed the way my makeup looks on my face. I used the sample, and the next day at work, I have several people comment that my skin looked it was glowing, and it looked healthy, and bright, which was so amazing to hear because I'm usually pretty self conscious about my foundation look. I got a few more sample pots of it, before I purchased it recently, because it definitely wasn't cheap. I finally had the $50 to buy it, and I'm so happy I did, because you get what you pay for, and I've been so happy with this foundation. It's my new favorite, and go to foundation! 

Beauty Blender Makeup Applicator Sponge:

I've used so many kinds of brushes, and sponges and nothing can even hold a candle to how much I love my Beauty Blender. I've bought either knock offs of the BB, and nothing has ever worked as well for me as it has! It's completely transformed the way I've been wearing my foundation, and concealer! It's definitely one of those makeup things that when you buy it, boom, you've done it, and you don't have to worry about buying again, for awhile, SO why not just go out and do it?! I realize that now, but before I did, I never realized the difference between a BB and the knock off ones I'd been using before, but the BB is a lot more squishy, softer, gentle on the skin, and it really blends your makeup really well! I don't even mind cleaning it! I was always really bad about cleaning makeup brushes, because it took so long, and I'd have to wait for them to dry, which took forever. You just put any kind of anti-bacterial soap on this bad boy, run it under some cold water, and squeeze squeeze squeeze until the water runs clear, and the BB is back to it's original color! I use my BB wet, as it was advised to when I bought it, so I can pretty much use it right when it's done being cleaned! I don't consider myself to be great at makeup or anything, but I do mine every day, and I've used it every single day since I purchased it. It's usually about $20, and it's well worth it!

SmashBox Step-by-Step Powder Contour Kit:

The same girl who put me onto the Laura Mercier foundation, also helped me find a contour kit that worked for me, and even showed me step by step how to contour, and highlight my face! Since my skin is on the oily side, I should use a powder contour kit so I'm not adding any more oil to my face, and this palette is perfect for that! It comes with an amazing brush that has worked really well whenever I've used this palette! The palette comes with three shades; the contour color, bronzer, and highlight color! There are millions of videos and walk throughs of how to contour, so I'm not going to get into that, but I WILL say, my makeup has never looked better after using this palette! The colors blend flawlessly, and even though I'm not great at makeup, this palette is really easy to use, and comes with basically a diagram next to the mirror IN the palette. It's pretty much fool-proof. 10/10 would recommend!!!!!


I've been so involved with work recently, and it's not a job I can dress up to (I'm a waitress at a Mexican and Colombian restaurant,) so I'm usually really casual. Since I don't ever have days off, I've been all about comfort recently.

Vans Sk8 Hi's:

I have 5 pairs of these sneakers in different colors, and I could LIVE in them basically, like I kind of already do. They're easy to throw on, but they still look good, and effortless. I won't say too much about them, but they're pretty comfortable, and wearable. I love them in all colors, and I plan on getting so many more pairs!

Ray Ban Club Master Sunglasses:


As sort of a TREAT YO SELF after moving into my new apartment, I celebrated by getting myself a new pair of sunglasses that I would cherish, and take care of. I usually keep sunglasses around for awhile, and treat them well, so a friend told me I should just splurge on a nice pair. I have a pair that look like a dupe of the club masters, that are from Urban Outfitters, which are great. But they're made cheaply, and the bridge bumper on them fell off, and that's when I decided, I needed to get a pair of Ray Ban Club Masters, because treat yo self, right? I wear them every single day, and I feel fancy as fuck in them! 

Instagram Page:

@NinaBlackWolf :

I love makeup artist Instagram pages soooooooo much. I could honestly scroll for hours, in envy. Nina's Instagram is definitely one of my favorite pages to lurk for an embarrassing amount of time. First of all, she's GORGEOUS. Hair, makeup, style, and relationship goals ALL over her page. 

I would recommend you check out any and ALL of the things I talked about here!