Imagine the lowest, dirtiest, sludgiest, darkest two piece instrumental band you can think of. Well if Beast In The Field wasn't your first pic...well you are fucking up. The Band is comprised of drummer  Jamie Jahr and guitarist Jordan Pries. I once heard a story of how Jordan was attempting to have a guitar painted with the blood of a Virgin! these guys are seriously on  another level. being a two piece usually leaves a lot of extra space on stage and what better way to fill up that stage then with full stacks! this is an example of their stage set up!  

if you dont wear ear protection then i feel really sorry for you. trust me you can still hear everything wearing ear plugs. Shit you can feel his low notes vibrating through your spine! And yes we know a lot of big bands will have the stage set up with dummy cabs. I can assure you, that is not the case with these dudes! The dudes just played Dirt Fest this past weekend but you can feel it for yourself at Frankies this weekend: 

For real though. check out this video and head bang along! shits too good!