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It's back again. That time of year I wait very impatiently for. The return of the ever-dank, Hopslam. I suppose I could chalk it up to my taste buds having the memory of a hamster, but this year it's just ever so delicious. Not that it isn't every time I have it, but I'm just glad it's around again. This 10% American Double IPA is brewed with honey and dry hopped with Simcoe. Not to mention the 6 other hop varieties it's actually brewed with. It's a very floral and fruity hopped brew. You only get Hopslam once a year so good luck fighting the hop hoarders for it. Though I hear there was an abundance of the stuff made this year and even grocery stores are carrying it. Hopefully you like in an area that gets Bell's, otherwise you should consider beer trading. Google that shit and get with the times. Your mouth wants you to put this in it and your genitals want to piss it out. Cheers!

My Score: 1oo

Rate Beer: 1oo

Beer Advocate: 99