It's that time of year, where I just talk about stouts for a while. Why? Because Aren gets mad and hits me when I don't. Bell's Special Double Cream Stout. Now, if you're like me and have a dairy allergy, this name may send you to the hills screaming. No worries! I wouldn't do that to you. This stout is only named for appropriately describing it's ever so creamy mouth feel, and in fact, has no dairy in it. Sweet relief! Double cream blends 10 different malts to achieve it's flavor of roast, dark chocolatey, coffee-type flavors without focusing on the burnt, smokey aspect like most stouts. This one's all velvety goodness, baby. So curl up with your 26 cats and a blanket and have a 6er of this handy. Maybe, just maybe, your winter won't suck so much asshole. Cheers!


ABV 6.1%


My Score: 90

Rate Beer: 99

Beer Advocate: 89