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At just 23, artist Johnny Gloom- the pseudonym of a Parisian tattoo artist (a she, not a he,) is a name that's on the come up in the realm of minimalistic, blackwork, traditional tattoo artists. 

Finding inspiration for designs in everyday life things, and describing herself as "sensitive to her own emotions," and using that as a guide for her work. "Love, Hate, Violence, Passion... Love is the burden of humanity, everyone recognizes it.... Graphically, I love simple things."

Obviously taking inspiration from fetichism, BDSM, film noir femme fatales, doomed lovers, etc. I love this style so much, because it shows that you don't need loud colors, lots of detail and intricate designs to convey a short story. 

Johnny Gloom and Ball & Chain dropped the brand new "ADORE" collection on Monday, August 8th, featuring apparel and accessories featuring the works of Johnny Gloom! My girlfriend and I are obsessed with the work of both Johnny Gloom, and Ball & Chain, and the two working together can do no wrong. She actually ordered a bunch of items from the ADORE collection drop from this past Monday, for her and myself, and words can't explain how excited I am!

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