Born Free 7. Sturgis of the west coast, but without all the baggers and Kid Rock-esque bands playing with Bud Light/MTV sponsored banners on stage. A weekend where riders from all over the country ride to Irvine, CA on bikes both old and new, American or foreign, to convene and live out a weekend embracing the biker lifestyle.

Whether you live East Coast or West, North or South, I would highly recommend checking out this show. I spent a week last June, although unable to go, following a few riders make their way across the US. One in particular was Mikey Arnold (IG @mikeyrevolt) as he rode from Cleveland out to Cali, documenting the entire trip through his camera lens. Absolutely awe inspiring pics, from the canyons of Utah, the mountains of Colorado, or being stuck camping out with a burnt out exhaust, it is plenty to make you want to get up and just go.

There is nothing that I love more about riding than the sense of brotherhood that comes with two wheels and an engine, and if anything, Born Free is proof of that. So take the opportunity to check out the show here, or make your way out to the west coast for 2 days of rubbing shoulders with fellow brother and sisters.

Ride safe