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Colin Christian is a sculptor of the twisted and creepy, with his work shown in art galleries and museums all over the world, and his distinctive style of work of taking human anatomy, and turning it over on it's head, by making it non human, creepy, and something out a child's nightmare, when you see Colin Christian's work, you'll instantly know he's the artist behind it. Colin and his wife Sas started a small business of making and selling latex rubber costumes for fetish stores around the world, and have been featured in Penthouse and Two Skin magazine!


Taking his knowledge of clothing manufacturing, and combining that with his love for movie special fx makeup, Colin began to produce fiberglass figures and sculptures, which has brought him to where he is today! At this point in his career, he has worked with so many big names, and is exhibited all over the world, including exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Tokyo, and you can usually find some of his work at the ever so popular art fair Art Basel in Miami, Florida! He was even commisioned by Kanye West to produce artwork for his "Glow in the Dark" tour, back in 2009 (shown below!)

I first saw Colin Christian's work on Tumblr a few months back I believe, but couldn't find any kind of source for who the artist was, so for awhile I just sat with this image of teeth pushing out of flesh, on a face... I then found him on Instagram not too long ago, and just spend so long just scrolling through his feed, and was so hypnotized at the work he produces. 

Follow Colin Christian on Instagram: @ColinChristian