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There has been a recent rise in female based alternative bands. Obviously there has always been bands like this around. But it seems to me that I've been seeing more and more bands with female vocals getting recognition, signed and touring. Warped tour was saturated with them this year. Half of the bands on the Journeys stage had female singers. It is very regrettable to say that in the past having an all girl band would be perceived as a gimmick. But that is NOT THE CASE for our friends in CONQUER DIVIDE. These hard working musicians have been giving it all on the road to chase their dream. In no way is this a band of "DO NOTHING BITCHES"

Honestly I had a long drawn out background blog written support these wonderful ladies. But through my research i found this video that was released last month, and i feel it covers everything way better than what i had wrote. So check out this video and meet Conquer Divide.