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So personally, I'm not a big jeans person, just because I don't find them to be the most comfortable, but it is something I am trying to work my way into wearing more! My personal preferences for jeans is definitely light wash, acid wash, black, and TRASHED.  Nearly every designer who does denim has come out with some kind of distressed denim look! 

I own a few pairs of jeans, and all of the ones I own have some kind of rips or distressed look to them! It's safe to say the distressed, trashed look on denim is HUGE right now. Also, not just on jeans. But I see distressed denim jackets quite a bit as well!  

I recently traded a pair of UNIF Twerk Jeans, for a UNIF distressed denim jacket with some cute patches on them! I'd say that was a fair trade, because I didn't wear the jeans all that much, and I've already gotten so much wear out of the jacket! I did a small shoot today wearing that jacket, and some ripped jeans! Here's just one picture of the jacket, you can see the rest on my personal style blog here!

If you tend to be crafty like myself, and don't feel like paying the extra money that really ripped off pieces cost, why not get into some DIY? I'm all about doing things myself if I can, and especially if it saves me money!

Here's how I learned to distress denim! NOW GO DESTROY SOME PANTS!!

Melanie XO