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I've been on this random kick of obsessing over everything latex, and oil slick. I think it's from watching so many Violet Chachki videos, and consistently lurking her instagram, and watching Rihanna's "S&M" music video a hundred times.

I've always loved vinyl, and latex and I've been especially into it all recently, because I'm planning for my Halloween costume, because I'm going to be Him from Power Puff Girls, and wanted to wear a latex catsuit as skin instead of painting my whole body red. Yesterday, I stumbled across the London / Milan based company, Dead Lotus Couture, and immediately wanted basically everything.

"Dead Lotus Couture's identity is bourne of an emotional world, comprising sinuous, sensual shapes that reveal a dark spiky elegance with a sophisticated touch. Volumes and devious geometry are combined to bring out your foxiest alter ego."

A big part of what DLC stands by, is the way their garments hugs the wearer, so that every curve you want to see, is accentuated to the fullest, and shape your body to it's absolute best! A big part of why I love DLC so much is the photography on their entire site, including their product shots on the listings. All of the women look very powerful, and very sexy! 

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