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Demode Clothing is a Raleigh, NC/New York based clothing company ran by A Johnson (@OnlyFame on Instagram.) Releasing new pieces almost several times a week, and always coming up with new silhouettes, Demode is definitely on the map for local fashion designers here in Raleigh.

Demode has been seen on Disney star Zendaya Coleman, and Vine famous KingBach himself!

I've been working closely with Demode Clothing for quite awhile now, and in that time, we've shot LookBoots, and I've modeled a handful of the pieces that have been released! I think my favorite thing about Demode is the obvious minimal and clean chic vibe that all of the pieces embody perfectly. It just goes to show that not everything has to be flashy and in your face to still be eye catching. The monochrome black and white designs keep it simple and chic, while still serving a high fashion street wear aesthetic.  

At the beginning of Demode, it was a lot of menswear, and as of lately, it has been marketing more towards women's fashion! I'd say most of their t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories are unisex, wearable, and affordable! I was able to interview A. Johnson and pick his brain about his future plans for Demode, and how he gets his inspiration for his brand!

What's your name?

- haha .. great way to start, my first name is Arkim, pronounced like R-Kim

Where are you from?

- I feel like im from everywhere, born and raised in Long Island, NY. Lived in NC for some years as well as Cali and Japan for a year

How old are you/how old were you when you started Demode?

- Currently 25, just turned 25. Began Demode in 2012 so that would make me 22 when I started.

Why "Demode"? Where did the name come from, and what does it mean to you? How does it reflect the stylistic aesthetic of the brand?

- Demode sounds exotic, very different. I came across the word on google translator, looking up different words for fashion in different languages when I saw it I was like I can work with this. It means out of style, out of date, retro. Its an oxymoron to the brand yet very relevant because fashion changes daily and I create daily so to me designs become very out of style on a mainstream level but on a consumer based level its still very wearable. I like to make people think beyond a word. hahaha...

Can you tell us a little bit about the background of Demode, and how you got started?

- Demode is a reflection of me and how I see things. The brand is completely personal and my ideas just so happen to be relative to the supporters. I started this brand simply to design for myself, I began to post photos wearing my horrible first designs but to my amazement people wanted them. Thats when it began. I self-taught myself how to do everything from screen-printing to sewing, so I can grow at the same pace the brand would. Its been a learning process and you can't let it get to you when things don't go right. I saved up money and kept investing it into the brand, sacrifice and hard work are important.

Where/how do you get inspiration for your designs?

-Traveling inspires me, people inspire me, other forms of art inspire me. Its all about the way you look at things. I get my inspiration by just paying attention to detail whether its from other brands or from what I see people asking for.

You do quite a bit of traveling- what are some of your favorite places to go, and favorite things to do there?

- Yeah... traveling inspires me, it allows me to see the world from different views. NYC is definitely home to me, it has so much culture you see people from all over the world in one area. It allows for more designs and creations. I just like to network, meet people, take photos and just live. 

How would you describe the brand (& yourself) in 5 words or less?

- Growing, Consistent, Original, Inspirational.

What's your team for Demode like?

- In the works, don't really have a team just yet, its been all me for the most part with some help from close friends here and there.

What is your goal with Demode/how far do you plan on taking Demode?

- Right now, i'm in the process of finishing a new collection, as well as the look-book. Then hopefully by june have a flagship store either in NC or in NYC, still debating. I plan on going as far as I can, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

How do you feel the power of social media has aided the power of marketing for your brand?

- Social Media is incredible, it has honestly been a main source of branding and marketing for me because its so convenient. Im always designing, or out handling other things for the brand so its great that I can reach people by simply posting a photo in a matter of seconds.

Would you like to collaborate with any brands?

- It's definitely a possibility right now i'm still establishing Demode and building its following.

What are your plans for the future of Demode?

- A store in NYC, Miami, LA, or London. I have ideas that constantly revolve in my head, so you have to just wait and see.

A. Johnson

He's very dedicated, and goal driven. Something to admire for sure.

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Melanie XO