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It's like a super beer. Three styles in one. Dogfish Head's India brown ale is a Scotch ale, an IPA and an American Brown ale all in one. The balance on this beer is ridiculous and because Dogfish doesn't like to brew weak beers, this one is up there at 7.2% abv but drinks like a 5%, due to organic brown sugar. Dry hopped to give the nose a huge punch of hops much like the 60 and 90 minute IPA's they make. Sweet like molasses, chocolatey-coffee type flavors and great hop profiles in the middle range of about 50 IBU. This beer is one of my favorites and it can be yours too. Pair with smoked meats, braised meats and I guess most barbeque. Because it's that time of year anyway, stick this in your throat hole and thank me later. Cheers!

Rate Beer: 98

Beer Advocate: 92