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Dot work, also known as stipple shading, is a shading technique that artists have been doing for many many years in tons of different forms of art, whether it's pencil, ink, paint, digital art, etc. I've never been able to successfully create something that great using stippling, because I'm an impatient person as a whole. When I say that this technique takes time.... It is such an understatement. It's definitely a tedious technique, that one must be very meticulous about where to place every little dot!

When it comes to tattooing, it isn't much different. Dot-work tattoos have been my favorite style of tattoo for quite some time now, I just wasn't been able to find a tattoo artist in my area that I would trust with such a task, until I came across Alan Lott of Dogstar Tattoo Co. and I fell in love with his work instantly! There are tons of artists who do dot-work, and do it well. If you're thinking about getting some dots done, I wouldn't just go to any tattoo artist. I would find someone who has done it quite a bit, of course! I found the guy who did my most recent tattoo, through a page of tattoo artists all around North Carolina! I feel like a lot of states have pages like this on Instagram, so search for one for your state! One of my favorite dot-work artists is the lovely Hannah Pixie Sykes. It's a dream of mine to get tattooed by her for sure!