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I've been very into makeup recently, and trying out new products, and finding things that I've really been loving! But with that, I feel like I'm spending SOOOO much money just to keep up with this new interest I've developed! 

I was at a drag show, when I ran into a friend that I don't ever get to hang out with, and she was alone at this show, so I hung out with her, and we started girl gabbing about everything from clothes, corsets, drag queens, and makeup! I was telling her how much I've been spending on makeup, but not in a bragging way. More like a "IHATEMYSELFFORSPENDINGSOMUCHONMAKEUP" kind of way. She asked me if I had ever heard of DUPETHAT, and she pulled their instagram page up, and told me to scroll through!

Dupe That is a website / Instagram (@dupethat) that finds you damn near perfect dupes for makeup and beauty products, such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, bronzers, concealers, and even makeup brushes that are typically on the pricier side! You would really be surprised at how many amazing dupes out there, that you probably wouldn't think you'd be able to find an almost exact match for, and at a really affordable price! If I can find a deal, on something that's already really great, I'll absolutely go for it, and Dupe That has definitely changed the way that I'll be shopping for makeup now!