Finally a style that's slowly becoming more easily available. The Berliner Weisse. A beer native to Germany, this is a funky take on a wheat beer (weisse). Light in color, cloudy and best of all, sour. Usually a Berliner will vary from light tart to that back-of-the-mouth sour bite you get chomping into a fresh granny smith apple. Typically, in this beers homeland, it is sweetened with a raspberry or woodruff syrup but this hasn't even come close to catching on in the states. Evil twin has decided to create a most easily drinkable Berliner that, while still having an abv of 4%, is still packing that great sour punch. The 6 pack of cans may be my favorite container to face delivery method. Found wherever specialty beers are sold. And as always, if you can't find any of these beers I review, don't hesitate to ask your favorite local beer store. More often than not than can get what you need. Cheers!

Ratebeer: 82

Beer advocate: 85

My score: 85