Chocolate lovers rejoice. I have found for you, the most chocolatey beer around. It may be like drinking boozy chocolate milk. Or a million melted tootsie rolls. With booze in them. Flying Monkey brewery's The Chocolate Manifesto is your Wonka beer. It's huge in everything from a 10%abv, to flavor, and mouth feel. The lactose sugars make this one a milk stout and it is ever so creamy. Roasty, sweet, cocoa, caramel. It's dessert in a glass. The packing is as eye catching as it can be, too. So you're sure not to miss this on the shelves. Try playing around with some hard ciders and making snakebites with this one. I've had this beer mixed with McKenzie's Pumpkin Cider and it was pretty damn good. Had Halloween written all over it. Pair this with an insulin shot. Cheers!

My Score: 89

Rate Beer: 98

Beer Advocate: 93