Mosaic Promise is a simple beer. But that's not to say that it is simple in flavor. From just one hop and one malt (golden promise), this beer delivers some great flavors. Light-medium body. Super easy drinking IPA. Mosaic hops are a hybrid style that blends the citrus hop with the simcoe hop. It's one of my favorite styles and flavors and the fact this beer isn't over slammed with different malts, it really does show off the hops profile. Everything keeps simple with a 5.5%abv and bitterness right down the middle at 50 IBU. This is a one off brew, which is pretty common for Founders and other micro breweries, so cram it down your face hole as much as possible. This beer though, should have come out two months ago. Would have made a great mowing the lawn beer. Cheers!

My Score: 95

Rate Beer: 97

Beer Advocate: 90