Even your mom will love this one. Mine did and she hates beer. Lindeman's Framboise (fram-bwah) is a raspberry fermented lambic beer. Lambics are a certain kind of beer made in the open fermentaion style. This allows wiild bacteria and yeast local to the area to enter the beer. This sours the taste but also gives a dry, cider like taste. When fermented with raspberrys you have what is called a framboise. Very sweet, tart, strong raspberry flavor. Very low alcohol. If you find yourself liking sour beers more, getting into the world of gueuzes and krieks and oud bruins is worth finding out more on. There are not too many breweries doing these great low alcohol beers but can usually be found pretty easily these days in most specialty drink stores. Pairs great with so many chocolaty things.

Cheers! -Dave

Rate beer: 95