So, obviously you're gonna see me Tophin' around at Cthulhu's Pizza Party this friday with Aren and the crew. However, if you're in the service industry or you've got tickets to the wings game or something- your weekend in the way of live music is not yet lost! If you have the wrong circle of friends or live under a rock(or outside of SE MI)you've probably heard of BERSERKER FEST II. It's a series a of 3 multi-venue shows that apparently will occur annually(at least I hope so, amirite?) in the woodward/9 mile vincinity. So you see- you have 3 nights to choose from, and every night is gonna rule SO HARD. Apparatus booking does a killer job.

The event is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday(March 13th-15th), and is taking place at both The Loving Touch and The Woodward Avenue Brewery(or WAB, for shorties!). You can pick up tickets at Found Sound, UHF, Stormy Records OR on the interwebz. 20 bux gets you in one day, 40 covers the whole 3 day she-bang. You get to see local heavy hitters like Child Bite and Tharsis They alongside incredible national acts like Poison Idea and FUCKING COLISEUM!!! Holy fucking shit, right!?! Everyone cool will be there(I can't be for sad reasons, but go and pour one out for your friendly neighborhood Toph!).

Also, tonight(wed, March 12th)there is a FREE kick-off party at the Loving Touch! Friggin Bars of Gold and Hollow Earth?!? For Free?!?! What the ever-loving fuck?!?! Don't forget your I.D., it's a grown-up's party!

Everything you need to know is at, Including a full lineup. 

You're welcome.

Look for me if you make it to the Pizza Party! I love you all!