Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer! A top of it's class Belgian dark strong ale brewed every year on the 24th of February to celebrate the birth of Charles the Fifth. Also known as Cuvée of the Emperor this exceptional beer is a special version of the Golden Carolus Classic, with a huge flavor profile and mysterious aromas added. Sweeter malts and elevated abv at 11% give this beer an almost wine sensation in the mouth. Kept with a cork and cage, perfect for sticking in your basement and forgetting about it for a year or so (but age-able for up to 10 years!). Shit, I'd get two and drink one fresh and sit on one. This is such an incredible, flavorful beer. Something that is so special it should  never be drank alone. Get someone you know who has never had anything bigger than a Bud light and let them have a glass. Not only will they be drunk before they know what hits them, they may fall in love with better beer! That's win/win in my book. Cheers!

 Rate Beer: 100 

Beer Advocate: 96