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Meet Nicla DiCosmo and Michel Bezoza, the two New Jersey raised Co-Founders of the lifestyle, clothing and accessory company called Gypsy Warrior! First launching the first edition of Gypsy Warrior's website back in 2010, the brand is heavily inspired by tattoo culture, rock n roll, high fashion, NYC, and vintage! In no time at all, the brand exploded overnight and rocketed straight to the top of shops and brands similar in style! By 2011, they opened their doors to the first GW store in Ridgewood New Jersey! On my recent trip to New Jersey last week, I was able to visit the Ridgewood store! Gypsy Warrior carries everything from clothes, accessories, shoes, pillow cases, tarot cards, candles, flasks, tapestry, and tons more!

Now, you may be asking yourself, well Melanie, what the hell does Gypsy Warrior mean?

These girls have made a complete image and a character for their brand, and I think that is so brilliant! The girl I see in my head is the kind of girl you see at music festivals, running around barefoot, and dancing her nights away, lost in the music. She's bold, careless, and just wants to have fun! I feel we've all met girls like this, and Gypsy Warrior is the perfect brand for her! Not only does GW have their own designs, and styles, but they also carry a lot of other brands in store, and online as well, such as Disturbia, YRU, MINKPINK, REVERSE and so much more!

So admittedly I went to New Jersey for this store. I was born in New Jersey, but the town I'm from is gross now, so Gypsy Warrior is what I was looking forward to seeing the most! It was so great to finally get there, after wishing that one day I'd be able to! It was almost surreal. I'm a huge nerd I know. But when we went in, we were greeted by the girl who was working there, and she was very helpful the whole time, and it felt like I was being taken care of while I was shopping! Also, I'm almost positive that Michel was actually at the store when I was shopping, which was pretty cool! 

I didn't buy too much, because a lot everything I wanted, they didn't have in my size (What a relief.... My bank account would have hated me..) However, I did end up getting this cute "Girl Gang" ringer top, a Gypsy Warrior Jack Daniels inspired sleeveless top, a cleaver necklace, and an ADORABLE Ouji Board embroidered iron-on patch!

I was so in love with the general set up of the store, and the merchandising of it. I have this huge obsession with pink neon signs, and there were these two gorgeous ones that say, "Wanderland" and "She loves adventure" If you live close by Ridgewood New Jersey, and have time to stop by the store, you absolutely should!! Also, there's a delicious donut shop right next door, so double reason to go! 

Gypsy Warrior is the perfect representation of a Vile Girl, 100%!! 

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