Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday of the year, for obvious reason. You  get to stuff your face with candy, pumpkin carving, costume makeup, body painting, masks, blood, and seeing all kinds of characters brought to life! I love nothing more than seeing everyones different interpretations of tv show characters old and new, movie villains, and cartoon characters casually roaming the streets, and preforming every day mundane tasks. For me personally, picking a costume out can be really exciting, but also very stressful if you can't figure out what to dress as. Yes you can go to your nearest Halloween store, and just pick something off the wall, but when that's just not enough for you (like myself), sometimes you need some inspiration. But what if you want to go out with your fierce girl gang? GOOD NEWS, I think group costumes are easier to pick, than just individual costumes! So here are some ideas for your girl gang, in different group sizes!

Daria and Jane (2)

If your girl gang is you and your one partner in crime, that's 100% okay! Cheers to you guys! I love Daria and Jane so much, and they're definitely an iconic team. Also what's great about these costumes, is that a lot of it, you can probably find similar pieces in your wardrobe, or even your local thrift store! Once you've got your looks down, go celebrate over some pizza!


The Powerpuff Girls (3)

The Powerpuff Girls show was such a huge part of my childhood, and these girls mean the world to me. Personally, this year I've chosen to take a different approach with my costume, and decided to go as the evil villain "HIM" from this show. I would definitely be helpful to have the whole picture painted if there was a group of girls I knew going as Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup! Maybe I'll find them that day, and at least take a picture with them!

Also, can we just take a second to appreciate the girls below who did a warrior inspired take on the PPGs? I love it.


Adventure Time Princesses (2-limitless)

Adventure Time is my favorite modern day children's show, for it's sometimes dry, and adult humor that gets thrown in there from time to time! I love all of the Princesse characters on the show. Pick a few of your favorites, and do it up with your girls!


Spice Girls (5)

Need I say more? GIRL POWER. 90's style is ridiculously popular right now, and tons of retailers are releasing very 90's inspired clothes left and right! Crop tops, flare jeans, rhinestones, platforms, and scrunchies aren't hard to come by nowadays. But beware, if there are two blondes in your group, get ready for the debate of who should be Baby Spice, and good luck!


American Horror Story: Coven Witches (4-5)

I say 4-5 with this one, because you can decide to just be the student witches, or you can also add in Supreme Fiona Goode. These look REALLY great on just about everyone, because everyone looks amazing in black, and that is a fact. For these looks, just think black black black, pops of white, sheer cut outs, maxi/mid dresses, wide brim/floppy hats, boots, umbrellas, and gloves. You can watch the episodes of this season as inspiration! I'll probably do a look similar to this for one night of Halloween, but I'm trying to figure out if anyone will actually thing I'm in a costume, because this is kind of my aesthetic most of the Fall/Winter seasons.