Hologram prints, fabrics and textures have been my obsession since about two summers ago when hologram came back in style, and hologram came back stronger than ever. It was on backpacks, purses, makeup bags (which I have,) skirts, dresses, accessories, YOU NAME IT it probably comes in hologram! There's just something very 90's about it, and since fashion and style is being recycled heavily from the 90's right now, it's understandable why hologram took over when it did. ONLY RECENTLY have I seen THIS trend taking over. With all the hype about silver, white, lavender and pastel hair has become to popular, it really was only a matter of time until someone made hologram hair happen!

Really the first time I've ever seen this actually done, was by Guy Tang, the HAIR ARTIST of our time. He is really so sooo so talented, and he really is a master of his craft.  Watch the video below of how Guy Tang achieves this fabulous hair look! Definitely not to do something on your own at home, because it very well could go completely awry!