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Hey y'all, as a part of this weeks Man Mountain take over, I caught up with guitar player Mike Reaume to discuss the Honda CX. Both Mike and Man Mountain bassist David Reaume own and ride the Honda CX, which is the 80 degree VTwin little brother of the Honda Goldwing series. After tearing it up on the back roads of south east michigan, we stopped for a drink and some food and talked a little about his go to bike

"What do you like most about the Honda CX?

 How different it is. I love the transverse vtwin. Being that it is shaft drive and liquid cooled, it makes for a really fun ride. 


"How do you feel about how the cx has taken over the CB to become the new Honda project bike?" 

It really makes sense. It's just a different kind of motorcycle from honda and can be easily converted to about anything you want. 


"What do you plan on doing to your cx?" 

Swapping out to Mikuni carb kits and true dual exhaust. Eventually I want to switch to a tracker seat and strip it out to a scrambler.


"What bike would you get, money not being a factor?"

The bmw r9t. I just love the bmws. There is something so special about the boxer motor. It's a perfect blend of classic and sporty

Thanks for sticking with us all week for our Man Mountain take over, and don't forget to check out their new song here!

Ride safe