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I think most of us can remember where we were when we heard/ saw all over social media that Miley Cyrus cut off all of her hair, and went platinum blonde back in August of 2012.... Oh that's just me? Awkward.

I remember being confused at first as to why she would do that, because I remember I loved her shoulder length hair/ top knot bun she always sported and it suited her so well! As more pictures surfaced of her new hair, the more in LOVE I fell with her new look. At the time, I was on a several year streak without a haircut, and clutched onto my hair at the thought of even cutting a couple of inches off! And now that I look back at the dates of the pictures I posted, almost exactly two years later, I ended up cutting a good chunk of my hair off, and got an undercut shaved off of the bottom of my hair! Here's a picture of my hair evolution in just under a year!


It all started with a small undercut....... And here I am almost an entire year later with the shortest hair I've ever had in my life, since I was a little baby child. The first time I had my head shaved, I remembered loving the way it felt getting my hair buzzed. Eventually I asked my friend to bring the shaved part a little higher. By then, I knew eventually my hair would end up short, or even bald (Which isn't not an option at this point...) because I was so addicted to how it felt to get my head shaved! On a bored, curious snowed in day at my friend's mom's house, we got the idea to shave my hair even further up, and cut the length shorter to leave what would be just a top knot, then I eventually got layers cut, made it pink, and here I am today!

I remember reading how liberated and happy Miley said she was after she cut her hair off, and thought I'd be nothing without my hair. I can say the complete opposite now that my hair is this short! I've never felt more myself! I don't have hair to hide behind. I have nothing to hide and it truly does feel amazing. 

Have really thick, heavy hair, and migraines from ponytails? UNDERCUT!
Summer time, and the heat sucks on the back of your neck? UNDERCUT!
Hair takes lots of time/product to wash/style? UNDERCUT!
Wanna look like a bad ass babe?!! UNDERCUTORSHAVEMOST/ALLOFITOFF!!!

DISCLAIMER: By no means am I saying, just go for it and do it on a whim, and shave your head! You're literally shaving a chunk of your hair off. You should probably think about it quite a bit before you just chop it all off! But if you're considering it, my advice would be to find a reputable hair stylist in your area, and bring lots of pictures for reference! 

So, this Wednesday is dedicated to all the bald babes of the world who were fearless, and said fuck it to the societal norm of long hair! CHEERS TO YOU ALL. YOU'RE ALL QUEENS IN MY EYES.