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"My type of man is a man in a dress!" I always say.

With Drag Queens really coming to the forefront of media and pop culture, I thought I'd chime in a little. ALSO. Before you read any further, and are confused about the difference between DRAG and gender identity, please read this wonderful article I've provided HERE!

The MTV VMA's this past Sunday has been the buzz on everyone's newsfeeds on every social media, I'm sure, because I can't scroll even a second and not see something about Nicki Minaj dragging Miley Cyrus, or seeing #KANYE2020. If you watched the VMA's, or just saw at some point through social media, you probably know that as the 2015 VMA's Hostess' closing performance for the show, Miley Cyrus performed a song "Do It", off of her new album that I have absolutely no intention of listening to after this performance. I've always been sort of on the fence about how I feel about Miley, within the last few years, but I think I have a clear opinion after the VMA's. 

I LOVE DRAG QUEENS SO MUCH. I spend a lot of my free time keeping up with some of my favorite drag queens through their social media, and YouTube accounts, and I go to their shows when they're in town. Drag was introduced to me a few years ago, and I've been addicted ever since. It's inspirational for me in fashion, makeup, and style aspects of it all. I was really disappointed with the performance because the queens were literally used as props for SHOCK value for the mediocre song performance. EVERY single one of those women has a name, identity, and talent and not a single one of them was credited, even with a name. At the very LEAST, they could have been announced as most of them being drag super-stars from RuPaul's Drag Race, or ANYTHING for that matter. I won't drag this out any longer, and make this post more about me complaining about this performance, and let's talk about something VERY relevant, and talked about!

Is Instagram making girls into drag queens? I've been very interested in this topic for awhile now, because I myself follow tons of drag queens, and tons cis-gender female makeup artists, whose makeup  techniques are beginning to mirror each other, whether these women realize it or not. Am I saying it's a bad thing? Nope! Though, I think it's definitely interesting, and something worth talking about! I'm not here to clock the way anyone does their eyebrows, or highlight and contour their faces, but it's definitely good to know where these techniques have come from! 

Makeup artist Wayne Goss has had quite a bit to say on the topic, and as he put it, "We are using the exact same techniques with the same heavy hand..." and basically that these techniques were created to turn a male into a "heightened" featured woman, through the power of makeup, and aesthetics! I'd say I definitely agree with what he says, but I don't think it's a bad thing. I personally have tried some of these techniques myself, probably with a lighter, less experienced hand because I'm not a makeup artist by any means. BUT, if that's what you do with your makeup, and that makes you feel good, do you boo! It's just makeup, and it washes off and down the drain at the end of the day! 

I could talk about this a lot more, but I'll cut myself off right here for now! 

Watch the video below to hear more if you're interested! AGAIN. I'm not telling anyone how to do their makeup, do what makes you happy! It's your face <3


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