For those of you who dont know. Jason Hall is the Man! This dude and his  crew "Bikes and Murder" are hustling so hard for this city its crazy. Between Running Slow Roll (oneof Detroits biggest weekly rides) ted talks, and being a weekly guest on Live in the D, somehow...they manage to put together THE BIGGEST BIKE SHOW in the Midwest. DETROIT BIKE CITY!

Vile: Alright dude, break it down for us! How is North American Bicycle Week going down from day to day? 

Jason:  So everything starts Thursday March 27th thats the launch. Its an invite only party at the YMCA. Featuring three speakers from around town, who will be talking about a 40 year history of bicycling in Detroit.

Friday is our demo day at Eastern Market, Bern Helmets, Chrome Bags, Aerospoke and a ton of others will basically give everyone a chance to check out and demo all the stuff! After the demo we are going to meet up with Critical Mass. Last year we rocked out the tweed party, so this year we decided to make it a Tweedical MASS! So make sure you guys wear your best tweed for the tweed ride! Then there is an after party at Cobo! Its in this room called City View thats right across form the main expo hall so people could check out the hall and see what people have set up! 

Saturday is the main expo, it runs from 10-6. Thousands upon Thousands of square feet covered in vendors and bikers alike! Everyone can out whats new, whats good, or anything little thing you could think of for your bike. We decided to show off the bike culture in its finest. So 250 bike builders from multiple states are submitting their bikes for a Best In Show. Oh and We have our annual bike swap! Bring your bike in to wheel and deal! You could walk out with some serious upgrades! We've got the tech shopand the dudes from Albes Bikes teaching people about how to build bikes! Its going to be madness!  

After the Expo we are going to head over to Easter Market to rock the After Party! Man we are going to be partying all night! We've got jameson, New Belgium, The Suicide Machines are playing! its going to be sick!

Then Sunday we are meeting up for the Season Opener of Slow Roll! Which if its anything like last year, we topped out Slow Roll last year with 1700 riders! Right now we could totally see 2000 riders rolling that day!   Then we are going to finish off the week with an Alley Cat Race starting out of eastern market at 4:30. 

So Come one and come all and lets Push this shit to the next level! 

Vile: We are so excited to be a part of this event once again! Make sure you guys come out and party with us! 


oh and ps check out this Ted x Detroit of Jason talking about Detroit Bike City last summer! Just so you can get a feel for what he's about!