The Longboard Girls Crew started in Madrid back in 2010, and their whole message was to get more women into the sport. They started to film videos and post pictures though YouTube, and their Facebook Fan page to get it out there like, "Hey, we're doing this, and you ladies can too! Send us your awesome pictures and videos of you guys doing this too! Grab a board, and get to it!" The really cool thing about how they started this, was that none of them at the time were really pros either, so what these girls were doing was really just supporting girls beginning the sport, and encouraging them that this sport isn't just for the boys, which is a message I can always stand behind.

I've wanted to learn to longboard for years now, but I didn't know anyone who did it, and I was too scared to try on my own. Once I met my girlfriend, and found out that she longboards, it was seriously the best thing she could ever tell me, because I started begging her to teach me instantly! She had a mentor of sorts before, who is a girl named Gloria, and now she's a mentor for me! I picked up a longboard that my mom's boyfriend was given from our neighbors before they moved out, and he wasn't using it, I recently gave it new parts, and I'm ready to really learn!

So basically, just 5 years later, their following expanded so much, making Longboard Girls Crew the biggest longboard community in the world, and one of the biggest in the Action Sports Industry, acknowledges in more than 180 countries with official crews, and ambassadors in more than 70! They have a very acknowledged presence in social media, and have over 14 million views around the world! So, I guess you can say they reached their original goal right? So, what are they working towards now, you may ask?

Now, after all this social media success and attention worldwide, the LGC is working relentlessly to have women in action sports recognized, and not only reinforce their role in the sport industry, but also in society in general. They're working towards making it known that women are under exposed in the action sports industry, and female athletes aren't being marketed when talking about these sports, but the sports industry would rather put a model who doesn't participate in the sport, or they do use an athlete, but have her in very little clothes. LGC is working towards change in the industry, and focusing on being role models for other girls who want to skate, or have just a spark of interest on the subject.

SUPPORT THESE WOMEN. I'll be buying some merch from them very soon, and knowing it is going towards a good cause, because what these ladies are doing is so kick ass, and makes me want to jump on my board right now, and go for a ride. Thank you Longboard Girls Crew for raising awareness in the skating community about girls who skate, and being motivation to every girl who want to begin! You ladies have seriously inspired me to keep learning, and not give up!

Visit the LGC website to learn more about these dope girls! 

Follow Longboard Girls Crew on Instagram: @LongboardGirlsCrew

Watch the video below, and I definitely recommend watching some of their other videos as well!