Yesterday, I was getting my hair cut, with my girlfriend, and when I hopped out of the chair, she said she found this website that she knew I would want everything on. When she showed me what she was talking about, she specifically was on the "Feminista" page, with a million feminist shirts and accessories. Instantly, I was hooked. 

"At HUMAN, we believe that every printed object can be a mechanism to declare identity and belonging. We work every day to create compelling clothing, accessories, and home decor for trendsetters and pop culture nerds with a bold sense of humor. Everyone on the HUMAN team has their own unique voice and personality, but we all share in our mission to enable self-expression through exceptional design. Dress Yourself To Express Yourself."

I wish I would have found this website earlier this month, and I would have done a lot of my Christmas shopping from here, because there's really something for just about anybody, on LookHuman! I really just have a general appreciation for witty, funny t shirts, mugs, home decor, and things of that nature, so this website was definitely a really great find on the behalf of Sarah!


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