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One of these will give you a buzz. Three of them might have you talking funny. Brewed by Trappist monks in the quadrupel style, abt12 is an incredible beer. Dark in color, heavy with flavors of dried fruits, sweeter, boozy... honestly, everyone who likes beer should try this beer. World-class ratings touts this beer as one of the best to be had, and with good reason. With a recipe centuries old, this beer was once brewed at an abbey where you could only get the beer if you visited the monastery in Belgium. Now, it's shared with the planet. With a 10% abv this is no session beer, but a sipper to be paired with finer foods. To be enjoyed as a treat for the pallet, not for the average bro belly.
If you try any of the beers I've blogged about, let this be the first. Try it cold, then try it room temperature, a whole new beast awakens. And for shits sake, buy some beer glasses and pour this mother in a
tulip. Cheers and mahalo!