I really am so happy this year is closing, and a new one will be starting in just a few days! It's been a roller coaster of a year for sure, and I'm definitely happy to have a fresh start.


I know last month's beauty favorite was red eye shadow looks, so this could be slightly redundant. But recently, I've gotten to use my Kat Von D METAL CRUSH RAW POWER eyeshadow, that I got from Sephora a few months ago, but only used subtly on the eyes. I did this cute red eye for Christmas Eve for work, and for when I went to my girlfriend's family gathering for the holiday as well! I love the way red shadows look on dark eyes, and this eyeshadow is perfect for getting that look! All of Kat Von D's Metal Crush shadows are so gorgeous, but there was something about the red one that when I first saw and swatched it, I knew I would fall in love.


I've been really into caps the last couple months! I've bought at least 4 new hats, including the fact that I literally just ordered one while I was writing this post...... ugh. Also, if it's not just buying hats, I've also been very into making basic hats a little cooler, and original by sewing patches onto them! It's a very affordable, easy, and fun way to transform a hat, or anything really, just by adding a patch, or pins!


This one is SO IMPORTANT TO ME. I have been SOOOOO obsessed with Pandora Radio's new THUMBPRINT RADIO!! They added a station, that's basically only songs that you've thumbed up over all the time your account has been made! Thumbprint radio has been the only thing I've been listening to. It's littttttt.


I first initially found Isabel through ShopTunnelVision's page I believe. That was quite awhile ago. I've been seeing her all over the place ever since. This girl has a DOPE style, she's a plus size model, with a beautiful message that she always spreads, about loving yourself. She really is a unique unicorn. I love this girl, seriously. Her Instagram feed is really awesome as well, because she works with companies like ShopTunnelVision, and UNIF!