MY DUDES in MAN MOUNTAIN have done it again. The post-rockin' dudes of metro detroit have finally followed up last year's release of "To Call Each Thing by it's Right Name" with an incredible new single. "To Be Made As New" is an homage to spring, and it's come just in time. It's gorgeous, comes in twinkling with bright guitars that sound almost like a couple of acoustics echoing all seductive-like, and then before you know it the boys (Mike Reaume, David Reaume, and Jacob Goins) eventually crush you with their land-slide of epic beauty. These guys are special, and I've known that about them forever- so I'm so glad to get the chance to show everyone I know! 

There's no vocals, but they don't need them. The layers of tones and melodies are so immersing. Go get that shit on bandcamp, and keep checking back here because It's Man Mountain's week here at vile company!  And tomorrow I'll be tophin' around with Mike and going over the gear that he uses to crank out that delicious tone you're hearing!