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Festival season is at it's absolute peak right now, and I can't get enough of all of the cute looks I see my favorite bloggers rocking at them all! Nothing cool happens where I live, so I just admire from afar and imagine what I would wear...  A GIRL CAN DREAM OKAY!!!! 

When dressing for a festival, you want to be in a comfortable, lightweight, and cute outfit! Being in a desert, sharing space with hundreds to thousands of people, in 100+ degree weather, you really want to make sure your outfit is not only fashionable, but also functional! I put together three outfits that I would wear to a festival if I ever got the chance to go to one! 

This first look is a pretty simple one, but I feel like the appeal of it would be the contrast of the simple outfit, with the colorful accessories! The second look is pretty similar to this first one, and I did that on purpose, just to show that accessories really make the outfit for these looks! Since the weather is so warm out, most people (including myself) want to wear as little as possible, and when your outfit is minimal, it's just accessories that are really making the outfit come all together! The sneakers for comfort, since you're probably going to be doing a lot of walking, and dancing around!

Sunglasses, and a hat are essential for the hot and sunny desert days at a music festival! If you're not into sun hats, I would even do a visor of some sort with this look! I love this cardigan/knitted kimono with this look so much and I don't think it'll be too hot to wear it, since it isn't a solid knit, and it has all the holes in it! 

Who needs pants? A dress is always a good choice for hot weather of course, and with this tie dye dress being as flowy as it is, you'll catch every much needed breeze as they come! I paired this dress with a pair of lilac jelly heeled sandals to give it more of a 90's girl vibe! The cross body bag will be great for carrying the necessities for a festival like your phone, your lipstick, some cash for snacks and water, and maybe even a polaroid camera to get snaps of all the fun you'll be having! 

This last look is another fairly simple outfit, paired with some cute accessories that pull it all together! 

Here's a video all about festival essentials, what to wear, and what to pack!

If you're going to be going to any kind of festival this Summer, please be safe, drink lots of water, eat plenty, try not to stray from your group too much, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!