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I always want to talk about sour beers every chance I get. I love them. So if you're new to the craft game you've no doubt heard of Fat Tire. It is literally everywhere. Upon tasting your first Fat Tire, you may or may not guess that this brewery has an insane number of tricks up their sleeve. New Belgium's Lips of Faith series has an incredible roster of amazing brews, including some of the best sour, barrel-aged beers I've ever had. One of my favorite beers ever being Le Terroir. This wild ale has a light crisp, easy drinking body but is nicely dry hopped with Amarillo hops for a peachy finish and a touch of Citrus because it's an amazing hop. Having a champagne-like essence this beer is fine on it's own or paired with tons of meats and cheeses. Of course, it wouldn't be surprising that New Belgium's sour program was so good if you had known their head brewer was from a brewery called Rodenbach. If you're familiar with what they do, it all just makes sense. This beer is released once a year and it just came out so go wherever finer beers are sold and just buy up as much as you can. Cheers!

My Score: 100

Rate Beer: 100

Beer Advocate: 96

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