Meet miss Dominique (Niki) Urban, a Detroit College for Creative Studies 2012 graduate who went on to create some of the most breathtaking, shocking and creepy art, and to create Niki Urban Artwork! HEAVILY Influenced by the Polish Gothic architecture of her youth, THIS VILE GIRL ISN'T HERE TO PLEASE THE PRETTY, FRILLY, AND CUTE PARTS OF YOUR DREAMS.

"Urban's body of work for Red Bull House of Art takes the audience through the back alleys of a dark dream steeped in fantasy; a part of your imagination you don't normally explore."

Her work has been called obsessive for the attention to detail.
 With her art being displayed at the Red Bull House of Art in April 2015, it was Urban's largest gallery showing to date.

Urban says she enjoys the tedious nature of some of the mediums she enjoys using in her art. What those are you may ask? Well.. The question is what doesn't she use.. Niki uses mediums such as paint, charcoal, digital art, and even ink pen on goat and sheep skulls! She's done many skateboard designs, portraits of others, and of herself as well!

Urban says her works usually have a very "gloomy" or dark theme to them, and it comes from a special relationship with fear and anxiety, the same reason I believe why people like watching horror films, and getting on horrifying amusement park rides, just for the thrill. With the creepier sides of things, you can go to the deepest parts of your mind, and pull out the most illogical scenarios, and characters. So why not go with it, and keep it a little creepy, right?


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