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You're thirsty, this is what you're having. Dating as far back as the 17th century "nog" used to refer to a style of strong beer. A "noggin" was a small cup used for drinking that beer. Most culinary anthropologists believe modern eggnog descended from a thick, boozy, late-medieval concoction called posset that was composed of hot milk and hooch enhanced with whatever spice the lord of the castle had on hand. Much like bottle fermenting, Nog can be aged for up to a year. The chemical interaction that takes place makes all the separately discernible flavors of cream, egg and booze become the one flavor known as egg nog. Typically bourbon is the booze of choice in most nog's, rum was the preferred choice in colonial days. So there you have it. A few things you probably didn't know about an old boozy, practically ice cream, beverage. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

My Score: I'm lactose intolerant so this kills the human but I fucking love it. 

Alton Brown: 5 stars <--Recipe!