November to me just screams BLACK FRIDAY, so as soon as it started, and I started my job at H&M again, I started to prepare for that nightmare instantly. 


Red Eyeshadow

Something about red eyeshadow looks just screams, "idgaf about your natural beauty standards, I'm a boss bitch," so obviously, I'm into it. I did a red eye like the one above, for Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house, but of course was too concerned about stuffing my face with home cooked Puerto Rican food, that I didn't get any pictures unfortunately.... But it's not something that I won't be doing again, so I'll get a picture eventually.


Corset / Underbust

I've been wearing my corset a lot more recently, and falling more in love with it every time I put it on. Hand in hand with this part of my favorites, goes body con dresses and skirts. I've never really liked wearing dressing and skirts that hugged my whole body because I don't have a lot of shape in my mid section, but with my corset, it's literally all I want to wear ever. 



Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.55.24 PM.png

I've been really into Pandora recently, and my girlfriend put me onto Marian Hill, and their radio station on Pandora because that's what she usually has playing when she gets ready for the day, and I loved everything I heard, so of course, I added it to my Pandora, and a bunch of music by Banks came up! I've listened to her a bit before, but never was committed or added any of her music to my playlists on Spotify. I. AM. SO. ADDICTED. NOW. THOUGH. I can't express enough how perfect she is. My favorite songs would have to be Better, Brain, and Bedroom Wall. I'm hooked.



Where do I even start..... The first video of Bretman's that I saw was his HOW TO CONTOUR VIDEO I remember being in tears watching it, because it was seriously, the funniest shit I'd ever seen. Bretman is hilarous, adorable, and can beat a mug for DAYYYYYYYYS. What a queen.