Looking like the most "naturally pretty" girl has never been my thing. Obviously, the way I do my makeup, I don't strive to look like a "natural" beauty. I've always wanted to look other worldly, and something more fun! I've had colored hair, I've cut it all off, I've gotten tattoos, I've modified my body, and that is exactly what I've decided to do when it came to the decision of getting my first corset! This past Halloween I got my hands on my mom's corset, that she was wearing with her Mrs. Incredibles costume, and put it on, tightened it up all the way, and it was still very large on me, but pulled everything in, leaving a curved silhouette that I loved instantly! Another part of it was that some of my favorite drag queens corset really extremely, and that was definitely an inspiring aspect to me as well!

After doing some research, I came across OrchardCorset.comThey have tons of different styles or corsets, and they are almost ALWAYS having some kind of sale, so their corsets are very affordable, especially for the quality you're getting with these corsets! I have a couple friends who have gotten their first corset's from Orchard Corset, and they've all loved them as well! 

Orchard Corset has a customer service rep online to chat with you at any time you'd need them, to help you find a corset that will be perfect for you! I ended up going with the black mesh CS411 underbust corset! It's the perfect length for my longer torso, and it's great for wearing under clothes, which I what I'll be doing the most! I took a ton of pictures in different outfits while wearing my corset yesterday, check them out below! 

There are tons of videos about safe waist training, what not to do, and how to pick the perfect one for you! If you're thinking of getting your first corset, do your research first! Orchard Corset has tons of videos on their YouTube channel that can probably answer just about any question you may have! 
Happy/Safe corsetting! <3