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Back on the meads. Something that seems to have made a quick entrance but still sits on the benches as a sought after alcoholic beverage. Don't get me wrong, some breweries who dabble in mead have bottles that trade on the beerwaves like liquid gold. It just isn't in as many stores or as talked about as craft beer. If ever there were a person or place to refer to when speaking of mead, it is Schramm's. Ken Schramm literally wrote the book on making mead. Here it is. Unfortunately you probably won't see this stuff too many places but should you ever, I implore you to give your tastebuds what they deserve. Only the best of the best ingredients here. Supreme Michigan honey and fruits and the finest spices go into these amazing meads. The best way to describe his flavors is to say they're very pure. Minimal ingredients are required to make mead which means the only flavors you get out are the ones you put in. I'm sure if you absolutely wanted to try some and were not a Michigan native, some google searching could put you in contact with a store willing to ship bottles. Good luck and Cheers!

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