Alisha Murray, or going by her pet Pomeranian's name as her artistic alias, "ScoobToobins," is an amazing artist, based out of Detroit Michigan, and a family friend of us here at Vile Company! Heavily inspired by tattoo art, and actual tattoos themselves!

I think what I love most about ScoobToobins work, is that it's mostly hands! I have this obsession with hands, in art and in real life of course. It's something about hands that can tell you so much about a person. Tattooed hands have to be my favorite, and she's always giving us tattooed hands with her art.

Go check out where you can purchase art prints, apparel, stickers and even ORIGINAL pieces!

Keep an eye out for a new design for Vile Company, by ScoobToobins coming very soon!!!

Follow ScoobToobins on Instagram: @ScoobToobins