Short's Soft Parade. You've had it. Bitches love that shit. Unfortunately, however, they have no idea what they're drinking. They just "want something fruity that isn't really like a beer.". Au contraire, mon cheri, it's still very much a beer you're drinking. In fact, it's a rye beer so it's even more beer than you realize. Included in that rye wort is 200 pounds of pureed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. On paper this is very much a beer but once it's in your face hole it feels more like a wine. At 7.5% abv this is still a kick in the groin region (that's right ladies, it's no longer 9%). Not the best fruit beer you could come across, especially if you live in the Mitten (the only place Short's distributes their beer to), but it sure is good. Guy's it's okay to order this beer too. Don't worry, you won't ever see your bartender roll his eyes at you. Cheers!

Beer Advocate: 82/85 

Rate Beer: 68/91