Aya Sato and Bambi are two women from Japan who basically do it all! The first time I had seen them was while aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, and coming across a video of these two badass babes dancing their asses off, looking cool as hell doing it too! Of course being the Japanese fashion nerd I am, I was instantly interested by just what they were wearing. It was when I researched a little further, that I realized that they were a couple, and I fell even more in love.

Talented on all levels, Aya and Bambi are models, photographers, fashion icons, and most impressively dancers! The two are madly in love, engaged to be married, and they are not shy about it, despite Japan isn't a gay marriage legal country. The two are able to do what they love together, and that's so inspirational. I'm so tired of hearing this, but.... GOALS. Their following on social media is expanding by the day! Aya and Bambi have been working side by side with the queen Madonna herself, as her backup dancers! CLICK HERE to watch Madonna, Aya and Bambi performing 'Living for Love'  on The Ellen Show from earlier this year! An absolutely visually Vile performance! The two were also spotted on the Vogue Magazine Instagram page modeling/dancing in "The 10 Best Bridal Dresses of the Season." I can't wait to see what their wedding is like, and what they end up wearing!

I'm such a sucker for Japanese fashion of all sorts, and they are doing it all right. The fishnets, platforms, harnesses, leather, lace, spikes, buckles, chains, all black everything, body piercings, shaved hair and typically dark makeup all just work so well together. Somewhere between BDSM and 80's punk fashion, Aya and Bambi are truly a different breed of fashionistas! Dancing in this fashion seems like it would be very hard to do, but nothing could stop these ladies. Keep an eye out for this power couple, I see them going very far! Even if their style isn't quite your cup of tea, I'm sure you'll at least be able to appreciate their spectacular dancing because it's really like nothing I've ever seen before!

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