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"Teale Coco draws influences from what lies within us: sexuality, human anatomy, occultism, spirituality – combined with the beauty beyond our bodies: high fashion, subculture, fetish, to promote unique beauty in every form, creating powerful statement pieces that EMPOWER the wearer."

Meet Teale Coco herself, the self titled brand owner of Teale Coco the Brand! Brand owner, photographer, international model, designer, and entrepreneur all by the very young age of 23! Teale completed her bachelors degree in Photography, only to move onto modeling internationally. She's now represented by several agencies worldwide! Teale Coco the brand launched at the end of 2013! Teale shoots and edits all of the Teale Coco Brand lookbooks and editorials herself! She's an Inspirational, and powerful figure for sure.

Teale Coco the Brand is a clothing, accessory and harness lingerie company based out of Melbourne, Australia, who is made up of a team of of very gifted fashion students who specialize in everything from pattern making, design, and manufacturing! Teale Coco believes in providing the highest quality manufacturing for every piece they hand-make. Not only is Teale Coco passionate about providing quality assurance, they work with young and upcoming artists to support and promote the underground Australian and international art scenes! TC aims to make pieces that make the wearer feel powerful, while taking inspiration from sexuality, the human anatomy, occultism, and spirituality and combines it all with elements seen on high fashion runways, fetish, and subculture to promote beauty in all forms for all shapes and sizes! Custom orders are 100% encouraged, and it's a specialty of theirs! 

The video above is a collab video that Teale Coco did with Deandri, a company with similar inspiration that I've done a post on for #WCW a few months back!


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