The Blonde Locks brand was started in June of 2011 by the well-established industry model, Bridget Blonde. When Bridget began modeling several years ago for some well-known street wear brands, she was introduced to a predominantly men’s fashion world that she was very much an integral part of, as a woman. Ironically, tomboys in the street scene have very few brand options to choose from, most girls like Bridget would buy men’s clothes and refashion them to make them for their own personalities and bodies.

TBL was originally created to satisfy the needs of women like Bridget; women who want to run with the boys but don’t want to give up their sexy, fashion forward female identity. Of course, a girl who’s been cutting her boyfriend’s t-shirts her whole life, will always cut t-shirts. So it naturally followed for TBL to make some unisex and men’s wear, as well.

In July, Jocelyn joined TBL Team and, together, Bridget and Jocelyn have been making a name for the brand within the industry- and everywhere else. 

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