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In May, we celebrate women who ride, and if there is anyone who deserves the spot light for advocating women riders, it's Alicia Mariah Elfving. Her website, aptly named after her own moniker "The Moto Lady", is a collection of all things motorcycle. She promotes a sense of community for female riders, giving gear and industry reviews, and gives a venue for aspiring riders to talk and discuss the best ways to break into this lifestyle. 

When you peruse her website, you will find it hard to escape pics of her and her beloved Ducati Monster 750, which she overhauled from one end to the other. It was this build that actually caught my eye and caused me to start following her on Instagram (@motolady). Her dedication and determination with this build was inspiring and gave hope to someone like me who gets frustrated at the simplest mechanical set backs. Whether you're into cruisers or sport bikes, it's hard not to appreciate this bike from head light to tailpipe.

Alicia recently released shots from a collaboration she did with the motorcycle documentary team at Stories of Bike, so make sure to swing by her website for updates, and check out what she's doing to elevate women's motorcycle culture.

Ride safe