Thigh high boots have been a really big thing more recently, I've noticed. I've always loved the look of it, but never thought there would be a more casual way to style these kinds of shoes, without me looking too "dressed up." This past October I finally decided to purchase a pair of  thigh high boots from Forever 21 for just $50! I bought them for a Halloween look I was doing, never wore that costume, but I got some great boots out of it! I have looked everywhere online, and I've seen so many gorgeous pairs, but I never wanted to buy them anywhere online because I was worried I wouldn't be able to fill them at the thigh because I have thin legs, even though the pair I bought doesn't fit me all the way up, which is why I haven't worn them out yet. Adjustments need to made, when I decide to not be lazy. I would definitely suggest if you're going to get a pair of these, to try them on in store if possible, so you know they'll fit!

I love how versatile boots like this are, and I predict I'll be wearing mine a ton after I adjust them at the thigh! Here are some styles that I love that are worn with thigh high boots!